The United States is a rewarding place to conduct business and there has never been a better time to select the USA. Companies are taking advantage of the benefits the world’s largest economy can offer. The USA offers a competitive business environment encompassing a huge consumer base, highly educated workforce, concrete IT infrastructure, and transparent rule of law. Highlighted are a few of the many examples of companies realizing success by growing their business investing in the United States.

General Electric Invests $600 Million to Expand Production in Louisville, KY

In December 2009, General Electric Co.’s Appliances & Lighting division announced plans to increase production at its Louisville, Kentucky, location in Appliance Park over three years with three new energy efficient product lines.  The decision to house this new production in the United States and Louisville was expected to add 830 manufacturing and engineering jobs at the facility, which represents a $600 million GE investment.

“We are making big investments in new products and in energy-efficient technologies that are creating American jobs.” 

“We can’t make these products in the U.S. competitively without everyone coming to the table — unions, the Company, employees, local/state/federal officials.”

-- Jim Campbell, President and CEO of General Electric Appliance & Lighting

The GeoSpring Hybrid Water Heater was the first completely new product line to be made in the Louisville factory in over fifty years, and General Electric plans to continue its investment in the green technology sector in the United States.


In June 2012, GE announced an expansion of production that created an additional 380 jobs, bringing the total number of working production employees to 772 and increasing the investment to $800 million.

“The growth of GE’s manufacturing operation at Appliance Park and the ripple effect on our community continues to validate the city and state governments’ decisions to encourage GE to choose Louisville when GE was deciding where to invest. We couldn’t be more thrilled with their progress.” 

--Metro Louisville Mayor Greg Fisher