The United States is a rewarding place to conduct business and there has never been a better time to select the USA. Companies are taking advantage of the benefits the world’s largest economy can offer. The USA offers a competitive business environment encompassing a huge consumer base, highly educated workforce, concrete IT infrastructure, and transparent rule of law. Highlighted are a few of the many examples of companies realizing success by growing their business investing in the United States.

NCR Observes Competitive Advantage from Manufacturing in USA

NCR LogoIn June 2009, American technology company NCR Corp. selected two locations in Georgia as sites for its worldwide headquarters and a new North American manufacturing plant. The moves were expected to create an estimated 1,250 jobs in Duluth, Georgia, and 870 jobs in Columbus, Georgia.

“Our decision to bring our North American ATM manufacturing in-house was driven by our belief that as self-service ATM technology becomes more innovative and strategic to financial institutions, the ability to control manufacturing in key markets becomes a core and competitive advantage to our growth strategy... "  

“NCR recognized that by in-sourcing their production, they would be able to decrease time-to-market, improve their internal collaboration, and lower their operating costs.”

-Peter Dorsman, NCR Senior Vice President of Global Operations

NCR chose to invest in the United States and Georgia because of its pro-business environment and outstanding education and workforce development initiatives.