The United States is a rewarding place to conduct business and there has never been a better time to select the USA. Companies are taking advantage of the benefits the world’s largest economy can offer. The USA offers a competitive business environment encompassing a huge consumer base, highly educated workforce, concrete IT infrastructure, and transparent rule of law. Highlighted are a few of the many examples of companies realizing success by growing their business investing in the United States.

TB Kawashima USA Expands U.S. Production Facility

TB Kawashima USA Inc., a leading producer of textiles used by the automotive industry and a division of Japan-based TB Kawashima Co., announced an expansion of its facility in Kershaw County, South Carolina, in August. 

“We are pleased to move forward with our new expansion at our plant in Kershaw County. This represents the second expansion to this plant in the last couple of years.  Demand for our products has continued to grow, and Kershaw County has provided us with an excellent business environment in which to operate.” 

--Yuzo Mori, President of TB Kawashima USA

The company’s $9 million investment in the United States is expected to generate 50 new U.S. jobs over the next five years. South Carolina officials planned to continue working with the company to provide support, including a personalized training program for new employees.