The United States is a rewarding place to conduct business and there has never been a better time to select the USA. Companies are taking advantage of the benefits the world’s largest economy can offer. The USA offers a competitive business environment encompassing a huge consumer base, highly educated workforce, concrete IT infrastructure, and transparent rule of law. Highlighted are a few of the many examples of companies realizing success by growing their business investing in the United States.

DuPont Opens New Genetics Research Facility in U.S.

American chemical company DuPont opened a new genetics research facility in Johnston, Iowa in April 2012 to contribute to increasing global food security. The 200,000 square foot facility was a $40 million investment that will create 400 new jobs in Iowa in addition to the 1,400 employees that already work in DuPont’s Iowa facilities.

 “DuPont is a global company and their growth in Iowa affirms its dedication to creating opportunities right here at home.”
 -Iowa Governor Terry Branstad

DuPont Announces Plans for $20 Million Battery Production Facility in U.S.

American chemical company DuPont announced in August 2010 that it will build a $20 million production facility in Chesterfield County, Virginia, to improve battery performance in electric and hybrid vehicles.  The new facility will produce the first nanofiber-based polymeric separators for high-performance lithium ion batteries for electric vehicles. "DuPont™ Energain™ separators will be key to battery manufacturers’ huge advances in lithium-ion batteries.”

"DuPont enjoys a great, long-term partnership with Virginia, and the technology development it enables enhances our presence here as a major employer." 

-Thomas G. Powell, President of DuPont Protection Technologies.

DuPont considered several sites for its facility, but ultimately chose the United States and Chesterfield County for its high growth rate and market capabilities.  The new facility is expected to create 11 new manufacturing jobs.