SelectUSA Services

SelectUSA services help facilitate, accelerate and retain business investment in the United States.   Services are available to international and U.S. firms, as well as U.S. state, local or regional governments or economic development organizations.

Business Solutions for Investors

SelectUSA is a one-stop-shop for useful information about: the competitive and regulatory landscape in the United States; investment trends; how to establish and operate a business in the United States; resources to support the return of production, offices or business activities or to the U.S.; and Federal resources like grants, loans and other programs.

Ombudsman Services

SelectUSA works to address issues involving federal rules, regulations, programs, or activities related to existing, pending, and potential investments.  Working with the SelectUSA Ombudsman, investors and economic development organizations can develop a better understanding of how to navigate U.S. regulations.

Advocacy Service

At the request of a local, state or regional government or economic development organization (EDO), SelectUSA can advocate on behalf of the U.S. government to help retain or attract firms engaged in global location competitions. This service is provided in a strictly geographically neutral manner with respect to locations within the United States.

Single Location Promotion

SelectUSA leverages the Foreign Commercial Service network across 72 countries to help provide U.S. economic development organizations, states or regions with unique international promotion opportunities and access to potential investors.   Through Single Location Promotion events (SLPs), SelectUSA provides direct access to key stakeholders in foreign markets.  SLPs are tailor-made events that promote individual U.S. jurisdictions as FDI destinations.   

Facilitated Investment Mission

SelectUSA conducts Facilitated Investment Missions (FIMs), designed as a platform where multiple U.S. state, local or regional governments or economic development entities can present their priority projects to interested foreign firms in a particular foreign location.  

Economic Development Organization Counseling

SelectUSA shares best practices with U.S. economic development organizations (EDOs) on how to improve their own foreign direct investment (FDI) attraction efforts and create and implement an investment strategy. SelectUSA counsels EDOs on FDI trends, effective outreach methods tailored for specific international locations, and marketing strategies to promote their location to foreign investors.

SelectUSA does not engage in activities that encourage foreign direct investment into the United States by state-owned entities, which are entities owned or controlled by a foreign government.