Trade Information Center (TIC)

Trade Information Center (TIC)

Department of the Commerce

International Trade Administration

Incentive: The Trade Information Center (TIC) provides export counseling to U.S. businesses and individuals by phone and via the Web. The TIC provides direct counseling to U.S. exporters and potential exporters. Also, the TIC is staffed by trade professionals with expertise in specific regions and industry sectors dedicated to working directly with U.S. companies to facilitate exports. A U.S. business may receive counseling on topics ranging from accessing foreign markets for the first time, expanding to new markets, expanding in current markets and resolving transactional problems.

International Trade Specialists who staff the TIC have tradecraft and regional area of expertise that they apply in their work of counseling clients to be successful in their export transactions.

Eligibility: U.S. Business

Information: For more information on the Trade Information Center, call 1-800-USA-TRADE, e-mail <A href=/contact/tic/trade/gov target=_top>tic[at]trade[dot]gov</a> or visit: <A href="" target=_top></a>.