Petition Counseling and Analysis Unit (PCAU)

Petition Counseling and Analysis Unit (PCAU)

Department of the Commerce

International Trade Administration

Incentive: The Petition Counseling and Analysis Unit (PCAU) works to ensure that all U.S. industries facing competition from unfairly traded imports are able to take advantage of the trade law remedies available to them. The staff of this unit is available to answer questions for U.S. industries relating to remedies available under the trade laws, and to assist in the development and filing of Antidumping (AD) and Countervailing Duty (CVD) petitions. The PCAU’s helps U.S. industries understand the U.S. unfair trade laws dealing with dumping and unfair foreign government subsidies, and the process of filing a petition requesting the initiation of an investigation. The PCAU assists U.S. companies to understand U.S. unfair trade laws. Any counseling provided prior to official filing of a petition is held strictly confidential.

Eligibility: U.S. Companies

Information:  For more information about the PCAU, call (202) 482-3602 or visit <A href="" target=_top></a>. For more information about the International Trade Administration, visit <A href="" target=_top></a>.