Market Development Cooperator Program

Department of the Commerce

International Trading Administration

Incentive: Market Development Cooperator Program (MDCP) awards include financial and technical assistance from the International Trade Administration (ITA) to support projects that help U.S. companies to export. An MDCP award establishes a partnership between ITA and non-profit industry groups such as trade associations and chambers of commerce. Such groups are particularly effective in reaching small- and medium-size enterprises. The non-profit groups compete for a limited number of MDCP awards by proposing innovative projects that enhance their industry's competitive position. Industry groups pledge to pay a minimum of two-thirds of the project cost and to sustain the project after the MDCP award period ends. On average, projects generate $335 in exports for every $1 of MDCP awards made.

Award: Individual award limit of $300,000.

Funds may be expended over a minimum of three years. The project cannot exceed five years.

The principal measurement of performance is exports generated by MDCP project activity.

Eligibility: Trade Groups, Trade Associations, Chambers of Commerce

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